Protecting People and Places

Good security makes good sense. 


The Australian Governments National Security web site states:


“The possibility of a terrorist attack should be considered as part of a business’ risk management plan, along with other risks such as accidents or natural disasters. … Businesses…need to consider physical security, information security and personnel security”.


We may not like the idea of having to deal with these types of issues, but the reality is the world in which we live has changed.


The J-J Hooks® concrete safety barriers system is a highly effective first line security measure in the protection of our assets and personnel.  The crash test video vividly demonstrates how effective the system is at restricting undesirable vehicles from exclusion zones.  Restricting people,

crowds or angry mobs is also possible using the J-J Hooks® bolt on Security Fencing.


The J-J Hooks® barriers with the security screen fitted are virtually impossible to overturn without significant mechanical assistance.  Over 200 people, acting in unison, are required to apply the same level of force as the crash test vehicle, and even then your first line security measure will not fail.


Please contact Australian Road Barriers for further information or to discuss your specific site security requirements.



x 0.3m
y varies   m
gravity 9.81 m2/s
mass 722kg
G 7085 N
G 7.09 kN
For overturning F*y > G*x
G*x 2.127 kN.m
F 2.127/y Kn


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